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Welcome to Time Flys for all your watch and clock repairs

For more information please call Peter Cuthbertson on 01620890466 or 07860696769

broken hood long case clock bottom PETES PICS 011

Trust Your Time To Our Craftsmanship.


With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, the watch and clockmakers at Time Flys offer unparalleled service on all timepieces, from minor adjustments to complete mechanical overhauls.


We love when a customer has been told their timepiece is “un-repairable.” We love even more the look on their face when it is returned to them in working order.


The performance of your timepiece is our passion.

A properly repaired and restored timepiece is a point of pride and a status symbol. Every timepiece that we service leaves the shop prepared to keep time, and if so equipped, chime beautifully and strike the hours.


There is a reason we guarantee our work. It lasts.


No job is too large or too small.


From your grandfather’s pocket watch to your town’s tower clock, Time Flys has the experience necessary to return your timepiece to the best condition possible. Dial restoration, case work, repairs and refinishing, complete movement service including, cleaning, pivot and bearing work, machine work and custom part fabrication.


From Non Runners to the finest of service requirements, we cater for all needs and all types of repairs, watches, clocks, new, old, any style or type.


In addition our in - house cabinet maker can reapir, replace, refurbish any wood work requirements



We love basket cases!